Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrift Store Haul

Happy National Thrift Store Day! Actually, it was yesterday, and to celebrate this wonderful obscure holiday, I went(take a guess) thrifting! I was running errands so I only had time for one store, but I scored a few awesome pieces that I just had to share. I was going to post this last night, but I got distracted playing W.O.W. Yep, I'm a super nerd, and damn proud of it! On a side note, I finally leveled my Paladin to 85. Go me!......Anyways, on to the goodies.

                                                                           1. Two cool new t-shirts
                                                      2. An awesome pair of blue vintage jeans(DIY project anyone?)
                                                               3. An amazing vintage, Gothic-inspired, velvet dress
                                        4. The greatest vintage satchel in the world, and a very cute vintage gold purse

So there you are dear readers. The rewards gained from one of the greatest past-times the 21st century has to offer. Maybe when you're older, I'll tell you about the first vintage item I ever owned ;D. Enjoy your afternoon blogoshpere!

P.S. A belated Happy National Left-Handed Day to all of my fellow lefties out there! (It was Aug. 14)


  1. The black shirt is very cool, I love it!
    kisses from Spain xo.xo
    Of course I follow, I hope you enjoy my blog and do the same:)

  2. I love tye dyE! such cool tshirts! & lush jeans! whats a paladin? xcx

  3. Fantastic!!!!;D

  4. LOVE the satchel! fab find :)

    xo jeanette


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