Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoying the summer sun

Woop Woop! My very first outfit post! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera battery and I had to take these pictures with my phone, so they aren't very good. Oh well!

Please excuse my obnoxiously white legs.

My sister and I had decided to drive up to SLO today to do some shopping. After eating at my favorite cafe we walked passed this cool mural and I thought it would make a pretty nice backdrop for a few impromptu photos. The last photo is at the fountain at Mission San Luis Obispo de tolosa. More about today's adventure coming soon!

                             Shirt: Thrifted Shorts: Thrifted Wedges: Wet Seal Purse: Vintage


  1. You look gorgeous love! Should have taken my camera with you though, I know it had batteries!!

  2. You look nice and pretty. I like your shoes;)

  3. Hiya Linzy! Yay outfit post! You look great! My first trip to your blog and I totally heart your blog name! So lovely! OXO Nat

  4. Dude! You were totally in my city! How crazy! I hope you liked it here. :)

  5. The shorts are adorable!

  6. @Michelle Elizabeth
    Haha I love going to SLO! It's way better than where I live, and the drive isn't long at all.


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