Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Insert sarcastic alcohol fueled tittle here]

So I look extremely out of it in all of these pictures, but there is a good reason for that. I was a bit hungover today. My boyfriend was in town Friday so we went with friends to Avila Valley Barn(pics to come soon). After that we went to my college dance department's semester show(I get so sad when I'm not in them), and spent the rest of the night drunk bowling and causing a riot in Denny's 'til 3am. Good times.

My sister was in town for the weekend so we made a trip to SLO to do some shopping, and eat yummy food that cannot be found in crap town Santa Maria. Other than the fact that I'm running on 2 hours of sleep, it was a pretty good day.

                             Blouse: French Connection Cords: TJ Maxx Boots: Steve Madden 
                                  Purse: Crossroads Trading Panda Necklace: Betsey Johnson

 P.S. My sister has a weird thing with taking sitting down pictures.


  1. I think I've had too many of those nights. I'm loving those pants, I'm sure the color alone had to make you feel better.

    xo erica

  2. I love your red jeans and top!

  3. Those are some great boots. Steve Madden: he's the football announcer, right?

    (No, I'm not that inept)

  4. shoot my photography is so wonderful.
    6 am shoot, lets goooooo!

  5. Aren't drunken Denny's riots the best?? seriously! :D I love your pants, I had some like them once and I've been missing them lately ;-;


  6. Drunk bowling and Denny's (the best combination)!


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