Saturday, July 16, 2011


Duck butt!

There were ducks everywhere.

Cave woman!

Such friendly ducks

I love this picture!

Isn't this the cutest Kitty?
I wanted to share some of my pictures from Monday. We performed at Disneyland, and the show went great! We actually had a good amount of people in the audience too. If I can get a hold of the video of my performance, I'll be sure to post it! My wonderful John drove down to watch, and to spend a fun day with me. It was extremely hot in the greater L.A. area, and there were tons of people(read: long lines). Since I have been to Disneyland 4 times, we weren't too concerned with going on all of the rides. We wandered around, took pictures of random things, and had a lot of fun! We went to the Blue Bayou for lunch and split a Monte Cristo. It's a ham, turkey, and swiss cheese sandwich deep fried, and it was served with scalloped potatoes and portabello string beans. It was DELICIOUS! Especially with pomegranate lemonade. At the end of the night we watched the fireworks in Downtown Disney, and my love gave me a mini Panda PillowPet(I LOVE pandas!). It was a wonderful day, and I was exhausted!


  1. can i just say i'm very jealous hahaha. I wanna go there too!
    What do you think about my photoblog? :)

  2. Fantastic photos - I would love to visit :)

  3. wow looks like so much fun! i want to go to disney land!


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