Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Performance Inspiration

I've been a dancer for most of my life. I started Ballet lessons at the young age of 7, and stuck with it from then on. In recent years, I've started exploring others styles like Jazz, Modern and Tap. And while I'm not necessarily counting on becoming a professional dancer, I know that dance has always been, and will always be a constant in my life. Because of that, I'm always looking for inspiration that will make me want to keep pushing myself, and to keep improving my abilities. It's easy to idolize dancers that are already professionals, getting paid by the top companies in the world(for good reason too). But sometimes, the best thing to do is to have a role model who is closer to where you are. Someone who is talented and passionate, but still trying to find they're big break. Someone that you can see their struggles and frustrations, their achievements and triumphs. So that you can watch them grow, and you can learn from them.

Ida Saki is an extremely talented dancer, even after only 5 years of lessons. She is truly amazing, and watching her dance leaves me breathless every time. This video is an example of her power, and agility, and shows how she continues to push the bounds of what a human being is capable of.
This video, also of Ida, showcases the emotional side of her dancing. She knows that performing with your heart and soul, is just as important as technique.
My newest inspiration is Melanie Moore, a current contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. While I don't actually watch the show(I found her through YouTube), I really hope she wins. She is a very versatile dancer, and you won't be able to take your eyes off her!
Both of these girls will be an inspiration to me for years to come, and I look forward to seeing where their careers take them.


  1. These are amazing! <3 I used to be a dancer too, I really miss it!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. I'm so envious of you dancing! Of all the things I wish I'd picked up whislt I was young it's dance. I find watching dancers just incredible literally takes my breath away. I'll be watching the videos you've posted and I'm sure I'll be amazed!



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  6. That's some really amazing dancing! :)

    I dun play soccer unfortunately, but I love Defensive Midfielder Centre, Roy Keane's position!

    Good luck on getting started with your shop, I can't wait to see it! ♥

    The Cat Hag


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