Friday, September 23, 2011

Major Score!

We have two Goodwills in my hometown. The big main store is downtown, but there is also a smaller one only a couple of blocks from my house. While the latter isn't the best source for vintage clothes(it's mostly newer clothes in really good shape), they have a great selection of vintage knick-knacks, and one the best collections of vintage books I've ever seen. Today after a visit to this tiny little thrift store, I walked away with some amazing vintage fashion textbooks. In fact, so amazing that I felt the need to share them with you, dear readers.

 1. A consumer psychology book focused on family apparel; A history of costume book; A vintage lunchbox I found a couple of weeks ago
2. The arts and Man. A world view of the roles and functions of the arts in society
3. The Fashion Book. An A-Z guide of influential fashion industry members spanning 150 years. Not vintage, but still amazing.
4. The 1st and 2nd editions of a fashion psychology textbook. 
5. An awesome vintage plaid tunic(It's not a dress. The sides are completely open!)

I love finding cool treasures at thrift stores. It's so fun to discover old and unique things. I'm very excited about reading my new books. Even if the information is outdated, I'm sure they will still be really interesting and I know I'll learn some new things(always a plus).

What awesome vintage finds have you come across recently?


  1. I love vintage books! Especially informational books. I found one recently about dog training. It's so useless and small but the illustrations are so awesome.

  2. love the plaid tunic it's so vintage and beautiful


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